Serving in YOUR community!

The Briarwood Action Association Board consists of property owners who volunteer their time and efforts to serve their community by assuring Briarwood Estates continues to develop and be a beautiful, safe place to live and play.  Community members and lot owners are encouraged to become involved by running for election to the board when there is an open election or volunteering to serve on a committee.  
Annual Membership Meeting
The annual membership meeting is held in the Fall.  Please refer to your annual assessment statement for the date and time of the meeting.  ALL property owners are encouraged to attend this meeting!

Briarwood Action Association Board Meetings
Board meetings take place the second Monday of the month at 7:00 PM at the De Soto Elks Lodge (lower level), 689 Clarke St, De Soto, Missouri .    Property owners are invited to address the Board Members with any questions or concerns at 6:30 PM prior to the board meeting.  If you intend to address the Board, please inform the Board of  your intentions by calling 636-209-7154 at least 48 hours prior to the meeting so the board can be prepared to attend to your question or concern. 
Briarwood Action Association Board Members

President:  Larry Page
Vice President:  Jerry Hancock
Treasurer:  Jerry Hurocy
Secretary:  Heather Missey
Utilities Director:  Jerry Hurocy
Board Members:  John Steel, Shane Pruitt, Nick Wilcox, Josh Brower, Kayla Burroughs, Greg Davis
Briarwood Committees

Architectural:  The BAA Board
Dams: Jerry Hurocy
Finance:  Jerry Hurocy
Lakes and Beach:  John Steel, Greg Davis
Lots, Back Dues and Legal:  Josh Brower, Jerry Hurocy
Park and Entrance:  Nick Wilcox
Roads:  Josh Brower, Nick Wilcox, Greg Davis
Rules:  Jerry Hancock, Josh Brower
Security:  Shane Pruitt, Heather Missey
Utilities:  Jerry Hurocy,  Josh Brower
Website:  Jeannie Hurocy
Contact Briarwood Estates
Briarwood Action Association can be contacted by emailing   [email protected] or by leaving a message by calling 636-209-7154.  Please allow ample time for your question or concern to be addressed as all of our Board Members are volunteers.  All messages are retrieved weekly. 

Mailing address only:  #1 Stonegate Drive
                                            De Soto, MO  63020